Using Prayer to connect with Flower Spirits

One of the easiest ways to call on a flower spirit for help is to use prayer. Prayers are requests stated in the form of words, whether spoken silently in the privacy of your own mind, or out loud. Spiritual people often refer to prayer using terms such as ‘statements of intent’, ‘affirmations’ or ‘invocations’. This technique uses a combination of clairaudience (psychic hearing) and claircognisance (psychic knowing or faith), so practising it will strengthen your clairaudient and claircognisant abilities. You can learn more about psychic abilities on my primary website, on the ‘Psychic Perception’ page.

If you haven’t already selected a flower spirit to work with, go to the Choosing a Flower Spirit Helper page for ideas on how to go about this. This page also includes a description of ‘Centring’, a psychic self-care technique that helps us find our calm peaceful place within. This is always a really helpful exercise to do before connecting with Spirit. Afterwards, it helps to ground yourself back into a normal waking conscious state. Grounding is described at the bottom of this page.

Using the power of prayer to connect with flower spirits

            Focus on the flower and talk to it, using the image on the page to create a connection with the spirit of the flower. Do this in the same way you would talk to an angel or a spirit guide. When I’m talking to Spirits, I usually start by saying hello. Sometimes I express my gratitude for their presence in my life, or talk about things I am worried about. Then I ask for help. Here are some examples:


“Hello beautiful flower! Thank you for being with me. Could you please help me with this problem in my life?”

    “I call upon the fairies of this flower to bless me and heal me.”

“I open my heart to the loving guidance of this flower diva, and ask for help with ____.”

“I give thanks for the blessings of nature and I ask the higher wisdom of this flower to align my ________ chakra.”


            If you already have some experience talking with angels or spirit guides and receiving guidance from them, try having a conversation with the spirit of the flower. Imagine what the flower’s responses might be. When I do this I like to write the flower’s guidance down on paper so I can remember it!

After working with a flower spirit, ground yourself.


After you have finished working with a flower, make sure you say thank you and take time to ground yourself. Grounding brings you out of an altered state of mind, back into normal waking consciousness. Rather than standing up suddenly and moving around quickly, sit or lie quietly for a while. Give your body plenty of time to adjust by wriggling your fingers and toes and having a good stretch. Look around you. Listen to the sounds around you. Think about what you did earlier in the day, or what you will be doing tomorrow. Take a few nice deep breaths and sit or stand up slowly.

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