Making a visual connection

If you are more of a visual person, your strongest connections with flower spirits will come via gazing at the flower image in a meditative way. The colours and shapes we discover when gazing at flowers are a language that speaks to and affects the subconscious. This language is highly subjective, or personal to the individual. Being an aura colour therapist, I have a highly developed personal language of colour, which I will share here with you, in the hope it may inspire you to develop your own. In spiritual circles, the langauge of shapes is often referred to as sacred geometry. I plan to add a page to this site about sacred geometry, but Spirit has asked me to wait until I am a little deeper into the process of writing my second Wildflower Spirit Journey book, so they can provide me with more training on this topic.

The psychic connection technique presented below is a clairvoyant skill, so practising it will strengthen your clairvoyant and creative visualisation skills. You can learn more about psychic abilities on my primary website, on the ‘Psychic Perception’ page.

If you haven’t already selected a flower spirit to work with, go to the Choosing a Flower Spirit Helper page for ideas on how to go about this. This page also includes a description of ‘Centring’, a psychic self-care technique that helps us find our calm peaceful place within. This is always a great exercise to do before connecting with Spirit. Afterwards, it helps to ground yourself back into a normal waking conscious state. Grounding is described at the bottom of this page.


Gaze at the flower. Take your time. Notice where your eyes are drawn. What is it about the flower you find most beautiful?

            Imagine you are surrounded by light. With every inhalation, light enters your body. As you gaze at the flower, imagine a soft beam of light radiating from your eyes, connecting you with the flower. Let the beam draw your visual attention around the flower, like a magic torch that can help you see into, behind and underneath the flower. What do you notice about the flower’s shape and colour? Do these shapes and colours remind you of anything?

            Now imagine the flower sending energy back through the beam of light, into your eyes. Picture yourself absorbing healing energy from the flower as you inhale. Where is the energy going and what it is doing? Notice any sensations of tingling, warmth, or discomfort, as the flower spirit works to clear blockages and heal wounds in your aura. When the sensations subside, say thank you to the flower and ground yourself.


After working with a flower spirit, ground yourself.


After you have finished working with a flower, make sure you say thank you and take time to ground yourself. Grounding brings you out of an altered state of mind, back into normal waking consciousness. Rather than standing up suddenly and moving around quickly, sit or lie quietly for a while. Give your body plenty of time to adjust by wriggling your fingers and toes and having a good stretch. Look around you. Listen to the sounds around you. Think about what you did earlier in the day, or what you will be doing tomorrow. Take a few nice deep breaths and sit or stand up slowly.


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