Flower Spirit Medicine

Making your own flower spirit connection:

In this section, I have included some exercises and meditations to help you connect with the flowers featured in Part 2 of my book Wildflower Spirit Journey through Central Australia. Once you have mastered these techniques, you can use them to connect with any flower, anywhere, regardless of whether you are out in nature, or simply gazing at a flower photograph. There are more flower photographs in the Centralian Wildflowers photo gallery, if you would like to experiment. Whether Australia is your home country or not, we all share the one planet, and the flowers in the heart of this land have a special message for you and a gift of healing for you.


As discussed in Chapter 3 of my book Wildflower Spirit Journey through Central Australia, every flower has multiple layers of wisdom to share. The wisdom a flower shares with you will be tailored to your personality and the life lessons you are currently learning. Likewise, the language a flower spirit uses to communicate with you will reflect your own knowledge and interests. When flower spirits speak with me, they use words like ‘chakra’ and ‘aura’, because this is my language. The language they use to communicate with you may be different. How will you ‘hear’ this wisdom? It might come to you as a feeling, a sudden revelation, a conversation that unfolds in your mind, or perhaps even a series of mental images, like a day-dream.


Health, on a bioenergetic level, is all about flow. When we are healthy, energy flows freely throughout our aura or mind-body field. Energy healing can often be as simple as removing energy congestion and blockages that disrupt this natural flow. When you connect with the wildflower spirits for healing, you may notice tingling, warmth or even discomfort and pain in your body. These sensations are perfectly natural and safe, a clear sign that energy blockages are being cleared by the flower spirits. Similar sensations can occur during acupuncture and other energy-based therapies, for the same reason. Just relax and focus on your breathing. Trust your body and trust the flower spirits. The sensations will subside when the blockage clears.

If you would like to continue, please click on the link below for more information.

 Which flower should I call on for healing and guidance?

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