Colour Meanings

The colours we discover when gazing at flowers are a language that speaks to and affects the subconscious. This language is highly subjective, or personal to the individual. Being an aura colour therapist, Omanisa has a highly developed manage of colours. Om is sharing her colour associations with you below, in the hope that this might inspire you to think about your own language of colour:

Red colours are energising and stimulating. They spur us into action, encouraging us to be daring. They also ignite our sexuality.

Orange colours are warming and relaxing, encouraging us to lighten up and be more playful, spontaneous and flexible.

Yellow colours stimulate the mind, promote positive thoughts and help us shine our unique light out into the world with confidence.

Green colours are calming and soothing. They help us tap into our innate healing abilities and connect with nature.

Blue colours are cooling and peaceful. They foster introspection, creativity, and communication.

Purple colours are spiritual. They enhance our intuition, improve our meditation practice and help us connect with Spirit.

Pink colours are gentle and loving. They help us stay heart-centred and focussed on our relationships in a loving manner.

White colours are cleansing. They open us up to new possibilities, and encourage us to move beyond old limitations so we can evolve.

Brown colours are earthy and grounding. They help us slow down and focus on practicalities.

Grey colours can make us feel quiet and introspective, thus reducing extroversion, hyperactivity and energy output.


For more insight into Omanisa’s language of colour, and how it links to the aura, you might want to explore the following pages on her primary website:




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