Choosing a Flower Spirit Helper

Which flower should I work with?

Flower spirits can help us with healing and the development of spiritual wisdom. Each flower has unique healing energies and wisdom to share. You might choose a flower spirit helper for a specific purpose, and work with that spirit for a while before moving on to work with another helper. Just trust your intuition to guide you through the process.

Here are a few different ways to select which Australian wildflower spirit to work with, using the resources available on this site and in my books. Before selecting which flower spirit to work with, take a moment to centre yourself.


 Centring yourself is the act of finding a calm peaceful place, deep inside yourself. Centre yourself by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. On every in-breath, repeat the words ‘peace and calm’, quietly inside your mind. Let go of any other thoughts and feelings on the exhalation. Picture yourself sitting or standing in the centre of a sphere of light. At the very core of your being is a spark of light. Focus on this light as you breathe in. Imagine the light expanding and growing brighter with every breath, until it fills your body and radiates out from you, making the light in the sphere grow brighter.


If you have a clear idea exactly what it is you need help with, visit the Repertory and choose the flower that seems best suited to your needs. For example, you might be struggling with finding the right words to express yourself clearly. Listed under Expression, Creative Expression, Voice and Writing you will find Cassia. It might be the flower you need to work with.


If you have a copy of my book Wildflower Spirit Journey through Central Australia, close the book and hold it in your hands while you centre yourself (see below). Say a prayer, naming an issue you need help with and then ask to be shown which flower can help you with this. Open the book at random. If you open to a text-only page, simply close the book and try again until you find your flower.


If you have a copy of my book Wildflower Spirit Journey through Central Australia, flip through the book, with your gaze oriented on the flower photographs. Notice which flower draws your attention. This is the flower you need to work with. If you don’t have a copy of this book, you could work with the flowers in the flower gallery, flower photographs of your own, or real flowers out in nature.

Once you have found your flower helper, you can access the healing gifts this nature spirit has to share with you by using any or all of the following techniques :

Using Prayer to Call on Wildflower Spirits for healing and Guidance

Making a heart-to-heart Connection with a Wildflower Spirit

Making a visual Connection with a Flower Spirit

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