Desert Lantern Flower


I just went for a long walk through the Alice hills while home for Christmas and found this beautiful flower. I remember it from Grandmas book, when I was attempting to identify the corchorus.image

imageNow I’ve raided mums book case and have found a copy of grandmas book, to look it up. The genus is Abutilon, and in Central Australia they are often referred to as mallows.

When I tune in, this flower reminds me of a healing tool one if my student uses; a pretend brush used in archeology. I see the brush swishing, twisting… Gently prying dirt loose from wounds and buried treasure. Then I see/feel the petals gently massaging the wound/treasure to the surface.

“Open your heart to the sun. Bare your wounds, open up and let them go. Buried underneath them are treasures.”

This particular flower was hard to get to for the photograph and aggravated my sciatica, but 30 minutes later I was running for the first time in months.

Dancing Mistletoe



On the road between Docker and Uluru, I found Amyema miquelii, a red, ‘dancing’ mistletoe. When I was making it up, I was surprised how quickly it responded and plugged into my energy field. On this trip, I didn’t have the luxury of bonding for hours with each flower. I had to be quick and efficient, much like this flower, with the information stored in my body/subconscious and accessed at a later date.

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