Wildflower Spirit Journey 

through Central Australia

Written by Omanisa Ross
Available soon.

Six months after her grandmother passes away, Omanisa travels through remote Central Australia, searching for flowers she remembers photographing with her grandmother as a child. As she bonds with her grandmother’s spirit, Omanisa’s passion for wildflower photography re-ignites and the flowers reach deep into her soul to unravel past wounds.

Wildflower Spirit Journey Through Central Australia is the diary of Omanisa’s trek through country, memory and spirit, written as an ode to her pioneering grandmother Dr Anne Urban O.A.M. Anne provided medical care to remote communities while working in Central Australian from 1966 to 1980. After retiring from medicine, Anne immersed herself in wildflower photography and wrote a plant identification book called Wildflowers and Plants of Inland Australia, first published in 1990.

Anne actively cultivated Omanisa’s love for nature, inspired and nurtured her career as a naturopath, and gave shape to her spiritual values by role modelling high standards of unconditional love and service to others. The writing of Wildflowers and Plants of Inland Australia is Omanisa’s way of saying thank you, whilst staying true to her own unique relationship with nature and medicine. Using her skills as a herbalist, psychic and healer, Omanisa explores the spirit medicine of 25 Central Australian Wildflowers, beautifully depicted in full colour photography, guiding the reader through the process of making their own healing connection with the wildflower spirits of Australia’s heartland.

We are One.

The Earth is our body.

Her flowers are our chakras,

calling us

On a sacred pilgrimage

into the heart of this ancient land;

healing me, reconnecting me

with my inheritance and my higher purpose.

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