I just dropped by the site to grab some writing from one of the blogs to help me with my latest book project, and I thought I’d write an update. I’ve been neglecting this site a bit and haven’t written any blogs for ages, because I’m buried in other projects.

I’m pleased I’ve managed a bit more writing on the second wildflower story about my journey into Kakadu, but that particular book has to be written in sporadically, in ‘fits and starts’ (is that the correct phrase?!). Writing it helping me process the incredible experience I had up there on the escarpment, but the very fact that the journey was traumatic means I need long rests between writing. It might turn into a book one day, perhaps!

In the meantime, the family history commissioned by Great Uncle Peter has taken precedence. He has asked me to write not just about him, but also about Grandma Anne and Victor Urban. It’s a mammoth undertaking, and a very emotional one at times, but one I am absolutely loving! My other big mission is getting Grandma’s flower book ready for another printing, with corrections done, and I’m still very new to the publishing world, so it’s a steep learning curve. With these two big projects keeping me busy, there might not be any flower posts for a while, unless I pop in from time to time to share some of Grandma’s photos, as I convert them from slide to digital.

Love and wildflower blessings!


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