Working with the flowers….

If you have a deck of the Wildflower Cards, spread your cards out in front of you so that you can see the images of the flowers, and notice which one you are drawn to. I’ll demonstrate, showing you how you can work with the flower spirits for healing and guidance, and then perhaps you can try this yourself! Remember to be playful and trust yourself: you will access your intuitive wisdom by allowing your imagination to take you on a journey.


For me today, it was Tomato Bush, that drew me in, with her beautiful purple petals, and the warm sunset glow cast over her in the photograph.

Holding the card in my hand, I gaze at her image and imagine being with her in the red centre of Australia, surrounded by red sand and open space that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Like two women sitting at a campfire, we sit across from one another. Our ‘campfire’ is the red dirt and the setting sun. As the sun goes down, I feel Wild Tomato Bush drawing me into the wavy lines of the red sand-dunes. It feels like we are travelling, winding along through the sand like snakes. I follow her and she guides me to a hollow in the sand. I curl up in the sand and she covers me with her branches.

I feel nested, and safe, like a child in a womb. I wait. What happens next is a vision and feeling-experience of sunlight being caught by the leaves and directed into my upper chest; into my heart-throat channel. I feel myself catch my breath and slowly release it outwards with a slight shudder, almost as though nervous. Now I see-feel a dark shape rising out of this channel, releasing out from my mouth.

“What is this?”, I ask.

“It’s a mountain of unsaid words, missed speaking opportunities…. seeds of possibility that have wasted inside you like the ashes of a dead fire. Release it.”

I open my mouth wider, relax my heart/chest and will the old smoke in my lungs to release.

“How will releasing this old grey energy change me?” I ask.

I can feel the Tomato Bush thinking quietly for a moment, before she answers.

“You will find new words buried under the ashes of the old. New ways of expressing a more real you that lies hidden beneath what has died inside you without ever being expressed. Don’t be afraid to start all over again. Consider the old unspoken stories ‘practise runs’….”

As the last tendril of grey smoke evaporates in the wind, I feel free to be me; a new me that is yet to fully emerge. Curious now, I turn the card over, wondering if any of the power-statements on the other side of the card will resonate. Scanning through the statements, I find the following:

“I am flexible and adaptable”

It’s this statement that feels most in alignment with the healing I just received, but there are so many others that feel nourishing for me right now. Perhaps the most beautiful one is:

“I hear love when others speak.”

I think, if I really did hear this, and believe this, it would help me express myself more freely, and with more love. So I am going to use both of these mantras over the next few days. I will meditate and reflect upon them, asking myself what these statements really mean to me. I will imagine how they might feel if they were really true while scanning through my mind body for resistance/blockages and releasing them. I will look for evidence, daily, that these statements are true for me.

Blessed Be

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