Daisy Bush

Screenshot 2015-10-08 08.28.28Given the connection I made with Utju, I’m embarrassed to say this was the one community where we got into trouble for going into the wrong area while looking for flowers. The two young men who told us we were heading into sacred men’s territory were very patient and polite. We quickly turned around and headed back out on to the main road. Seeing a variation in leaf colour amongst the trees, I wondered if it might be a mistletoe, so we pulled over and I went to investigate.

I had to scramble through a narrow, dry streambed with steep banks and weave my way through a maze of spiky spinifex to reach the nearest tree. Unfortunately the mistletoe wasn’t in flower, but as I stepped back from the tree, I looked down and discovered a magnificent daisy bush at my feet. Daisy bush belongs to the Olearia genus. In her book, Grandma says: “Olearia are perennials, and are only found in Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.”

I happily settled myself down on the ground to say hello and soak up my fill before the sun went down. Daisy Bush felt like a haze of sleepy summer bliss rolling lazily through me, caressing me open and connecting me with sunlight. It entered my heart and slowly trickled downwards, resolving old wounds and reshaping me, clearing me all the way down to my base so that my heart and solar plexus chakras could access revitalising energy from my base chakra.

Daisy showed me a vision of threads, like spider’s silk in sunlight. I knew these represented ‘thought lines’ or ‘thought patterns’, being lit up or illuminated by Daisy. We all have thought lines in our body. When our thoughts are simple and clean and filled with light, these lines light up and energy between the base chakra and the high heart flows clearly. This flower medicine relieves worry and brings clarity by simplifying the issues at hand.

I will teach you to embody joy and simplicity, without naivety. Do you see my light? I will illuminate you. This positive energy will help you face dark times with equanimity, with the right balance of seriousness and joy. There is always a ray of light. Appreciate it but don’t get lost in it.

When Daisy Bush removed a splinter from my heart chakra, I felt as though I could breathe easier and more readily face life’s challenges. I was overcoming self-doubt and letting go of all the excuses I had for why I could not move forwards. Daisy helps us do the things we would love to do if only we were not so afraid, especially of failure.

I will illuminate you. I will light up your depths and help you realise what you are capable of. I will open you to new ways of seeing yourself, and motivate you with joy and delight. What is holding you back? Don’t let it! This flower unfreezes us, slowly but surely treating depression and fear, in a deep and profound manner.

So often in my life, I have allowed myself to stay trapped in unhappy situations, simply because I was being polite, over-responsible and too afraid to tell people how I really felt. Freezing up, I become helpless and endure, rather than taking action to help myself. It’s only later, when I finally set myself free, I realise how miserable I was.

Daisy Spirit has become a champion healer for me in this regard, as well as blessing many visitors to my clinic. Friendly and extroverted, Daisy often offers help while I’m healing, pointing out where clients are over complicating life unnecessarily, and showing me how to unravel the resultant tangle in their auric threads.

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