Pi Ca Nor – A male energy centre

It was the Women’s Fuchsia at Areyonga who originally taught me about the presence of a deeper sexual chakra that sits below the base chakra. When working with me during healing, Spirit refers to this as the Pi Ra Na or the ‘clitorus chakra’.

Yesterday while working with a male client, I found myself working in this same part of the energy field; between the thighs, below the base chakra, and was told that this is the male equivalent. Spirit referred to it as the Pi Ca Nor.

I expected it to have the same function as the female centre, but was surprised to find it was quite different, but being in a slightly altered state at the time, I can’t remember what the information was! So I’m going to shift state now and see if I can re-access this information.

Spirit is telling me that these chakras, in both males and females, are connected to the higher chakras above the crown chakra. They aren’t active or highly developed in most people, tending to ‘switch on’ when someone on their spiritual journey reaches a certain stage in their personal growth. The Pi Ca Nor varies slightly in structure and function between all individuals. To help me access the information I have about this chakra, Spirit is referring me to one of my past lift-times when I was male and this centre was active.

It feels similar to the way the womb functions in women: providing a degree of intuition. It feel very directional though, as though it is specifically useful for helping a man use his intuition to sense his way forward into empowerment i.e. what path should I follow, what direction should I go in next, what is my next step? It seems to have grounding lines that run down the insides of the legs into the earth. These lines are almost like tracking devices that feel their way through the earth, sensing earth rhythms and information. I can feel the energy lines following pathways of information and energy that run underground, then emerging out through the surface of the ground at a specific point and acting as a beacon. The beacon sends the energy lines back into my belly (just below the male power point i.e. dan tien or hara). These then travel back down into the Pi Ca Nor. I feel a pulling sensation in these parts of my body, pulling me towards the beacon site. It makes my legs feel like moving! The beacon site is a place of power where everything becomes clear; where energy aligns perfectly for me as an individual. It’s an ‘arrival place’, bringing great clarity and awareness of ones place. I really feel like this centre helps a person get their bearings in life.

During the same healing, I became aware of another two energy centres below the Pi Ca Nor. I worked primarily with the lowest one, between the ankles. I’ve worked in this space before but never with such a clear understanding that this space is an energy centre, a chakra of sorts.

Another area revealed to me recently was an area just above the navel. It wasn’t the Solar Plexus Chakra itself, but it was connected to it, almost sitting on it’s bottom outside edge. It was small and compact, almost star-like. It reminded me of the dan tine. I knew it was a storage site. The keyword here was ‘Will’. It seems to be a place where a person gathers and stores willpower for future use. Spirit was showing me how the body can transform excess energy from the nervous system and mental aura into compact ‘willpower’ energy, and condense it into this area of the body. This can be preferable to earthing all the excess charge out via the feet, but it must be done carefully and gradually, never adding too much at any one time.

Again, this isn’t a centre that activates in the average person. It’s more likely to come into play with people who are learning to use their mind in powerful ways, especially martial artists, meditators, reality creators, shamans and healers.

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