My Grandma Anne

I’m sorting through old paperwork and I just came across the first page of a letter my grandmother wrote to me in 1992 when I was pregnant with my son Shae. It’s so lovely to have her voice and heart reach out to me across the ages, even though she isn’t physically here with us anymore. What a beautiful lady she was! I’m going to share this page with you below, because it gives an insight into her personality, the way she spoke and the incredible blend of love and anatomy and physiology wisdom she threaded throughout my upbringing.

“Dear Omi,

I love you. I’ll write you a good letter, but in the meantime, enclose this cheque for you to use on yourself, baby (nappies etc) or anything in general that will help you, all 3. I would suggest a few packs of disposable nappies to use when Steve has to go back to work. Your future depends on plenty of rest (feet up) the first 3-4 weeks while the body returns to normal. Otherwise everything sags and you have trouble later. Get all the good advice you can from your midwife, and in labour there’s no need to push at all until the very end when you can’t help it anyway. I once had a patient with polio, paralysed from the waist down and she delivered a normal baby vaginally – not even needing forceps. The uterine muscles are smooth muscles, under different nervous control from your ‘pushing muscles’.

Sorry for the lecture. I’m glad you’re so happy. Love very much Grandma”

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