Swainsona flavicarinata



Grandma’s house was being prepared for sale, and all of Grandma’s possessions were being sorted and distributed. Mum was feeling overwhelmed because she already had too much clutter in her home and didn’t have room for more. “I should have sorted all of this stuff out years ago!”, she said. With her lament fresh in my mind, I turned down all the objects Uncle Palko offered me, including the ceramic lizard sculpture I made for Grandma in year twelve. I was studying Aboriginal art at the time and had painted my own dreamtime story about Alice Springs on the lizard’s back, with the Todd River separating east from west.  Driving away without my lizard, I felt a twinge of sadness, so it was lovely to receive a text message from my mother a few months later. “Your painted lizard is now in my garden! Looks good too. We are still cleaning Burke St. On it goes.”

Our next community felt familiar. Then I realised an old boyfriend of mine had family connections here. Our relationship had ended after a shared tragedy and a misunderstanding. We lost touch and I’ve long been haunted by the memory of walking with him beside the Todd River and him saying, “One day I’ll end up with them mob of drunks in the river, and you’ll be some fancy white lady driving past in a shiny car.”

In the months leading up to this desert trip, the need to know he was safe and that he had forgiven me became intense. I tried searching for him on line, but had no luck. I am not sure why I didn’t try asking around at the community when we arrived there. Shyness? Time constraints? Fear?

Instead, I focussed on flower hunting and discovered a beautiful pink flower on the outskirts of the community, a flower named swainsona. When Swainsona connected with me, I felt my energy field broaden its grounding connection with the earth, almost as though I were a tree with large buttress roots. Then the back of my heart chakra opened. My chakra walls thickened and stretched out. I could feel my heart repairing its foundations and searching for a deeper sense of authenticity. The flower spirit said: Stop making excuses. Be honest with yourself.

Then I had a sensation of being stretched and pushed, as though I were an aerial acrobat stretching my body as far as it could go without any hesitation or fear of falling. Swainsona asked me to step up and own my power, rather than making excuses in order to avoid taking risks. This flower spirit aligns and connects three auric power centres  positioned in the sacrum, the centre of the chest and the soul chakra above the head. Alignment of all three centres strengthens our will, or power of intent.

I wonder if this power of intent somehow called my old boyfriend back into my life, because two weeks later I was speaking on the phone with him. Like me, he had been wanting to get in touch for a long time, but unlike me, he didn’t give up the search so easily. Our conversation left me feeling healed and whole in ways I never thought possible. We were both relieved to know the other person was safe and happy. How simple healing can be! Thank you spirit.

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