About Om


As a spiritual healer and naturopath who specialises in reading the aura, Omanisa is passionate about teaching emotional balance, mindfulness and psychic self-care skills.

Om grew up in Alice Springs in Australia’s arid heart, where she developed a deep love and respect for the natural world. She now works and resides in tropical Darwin, 1500 km to Alice’s north.

In her spare time, Om enjoys bush walking in remote Australia and learning from the spirit of nature. She has a strong affinity with wildflowers in particular, a love she shares with many of her family members, especially her grandmother and great uncle, both of whom studied arid zone botany.

This website is home to a host of photographs, maps and stories connected with Om’s Wildflower Spirit Journeys, especially the flowers Om encountered during her three week trek through central Australia 6 months after her Granma Anne passed away in 2012. Om also uses this site to share snippets from the biographical family history projects she is working on, to do with her  grandparents and her great uncle Peter.

Anne Urban was the first female residential doctor in central Australia, and instrumental in instigating the provision of medical services to indigenous people, especially handicapped children. Anne spoke to the Australian Senate in 1972, during a federal enquiry into national Aboriginal affairs, arguing that it was a losing battle to spend huge amounts of money on health and education if people were without jobs, income, self-respect and decent housing. She felt that it was essential that indigenous people have some form of Aboriginal organisation, formed by themselves, to organise their own future. When Anne retired from medicine, she wrote and published a book called Wildflowers and Plants of Inland Australia.

Anne’s brother Peter Fannin is a botanist who lived and worked at the Rock for 35 years. He established their first herbarium, began the first ‘plant walks’ and inspired his sister Anne’s passion for wildflowers. Before going to the Rock, Peter was the first formal arts coordinator for Papunya Tula Artists. As anthropologist Dick Kimber says in Papunya Tula: Genesis and Genius,  “Peter did an excellent job under much pressure… I believe it was his genuine love of the works, and his encouragement, that resulted in the artists producing some of the most superb early works on canvas and canvas board.”  Peter kept the movement alive when there was little interest in the works, purchasing paintings himself to maintain the artist’s enthusiasm, and “spent his own savings on vehicle maintenance and emergency support of the artists and their families; and drove himself almost literally into the ground to make things work.” Peter’s collection of early Papunya art is now housed in the National Gallery.

Victor Urban (Anne’s husband) was a well-respected photographer who depicted and shared the beauty of central Australia with the world, via photographic exhibitions and competitions. Vic inspired our family love for photography and developed the photographs Anne took for her flower book.

Omanisa has two other websites:

Omanisa – Spiritual Naturopath, Healer and Counsellor.

This is Omanisa’s primary business site, featuring her services and products, as well as information and blogs about the aura, chakras, healing and mindfulness.

Omanisa ND – Whole-foods Vegan Naturopath

This site reflects Omanisa’s passion for holism, food, kindness, nature and social justice, providing a broad range of resources for people who are making the transition into a plant-based whole-foods diet.

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